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  • Tips on Owning Your Feelings + Activity Sheet For The Family

    Tips on Owning Your Feelings + Activity Sheet For The Family

    3,000 words in the English language to describe emotions and all we tend to use is “I’m good, bad, sad, mad, fine…” Our emotions are deeper than that, let’s stop being surface level and truly own our feelings with this activity sheet. This is an easy way for you and the family to openly communicate and workITout during these uncertain times. Activity sheet is attached at the end of the tips for Owning Your Feelings!

  • Miss America and CMNH

    Miss America and CMNH

    During the holiday season we can not forget about the families that spend their Christmas in the hospital praying for a Christmas miracle and better days. Donate to Children’s Miracle Network today through my link in this blog post.

  • Dear My Future Daughter

    Dear My Future Daughter

    I want you to know that my love for you is as deep as the ocean. That nothing will even make me stop loving you. Yes I’m 20 and writing you this letter forever in advance because these are things I never want to forget to share with you.

  • From A to Z

    From A to Z

    Take a hike with me about how Arizona and hiking Camelback helped place my life back on track.

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