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  • Dear Pt.1 of 2022

    Dear Pt.1 of 2022

    You actually broke me. You took everything away from me, for what? You took away all of the people that were surrounding me and left me alone, feeling broken and discouraged. You stole every ounce of happiness from me and forced me to put on a smile and for that… I want to say thank…

  • Miss America and CMNH

    Miss America and CMNH

    During the holiday season we can not forget about the families that spend their Christmas in the hospital praying for a Christmas miracle and better days. Donate to Children’s Miracle Network today through my link in this blog post.

  • Dear My Future Daughter

    Dear My Future Daughter

    I want you to know that my love for you is as deep as the ocean. That nothing will even make me stop loving you. Yes I’m 20 and writing you this letter forever in advance because these are things I never want to forget to share with you.

  • You Told Me I Wouldn’t

    You Told Me I Wouldn’t

    “Wouldn’t(s)”and one of my best friends parents telling me that “everyone hated me” began at the age of 12… Yes you read that right, 12.

  • The Magic of New Beginnings

    The Magic of New Beginnings

    It seems like one of the scariest/hardest/emotionally straining things to do… start a new chapter, do we cocoon ourselves or allow ourselves to spread our wings and fly!

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