What It Means To Be Miss North Carolina

The Queen of the Tar heel State possesses a selfless spirit, dedicated heart and always carries vibrant energy. I have not had the privilege to be Miss North Carolina but I have met and befriended many of the wonderful women that have represented our state on the Miss America stage. I want to share with you the selfless qualities this legacy of women carry day in and day out with them. I did a lot of pondering, thinking and finally decided that an instagram post was not going to be enough to encompass the magnitude of poise, grace and friendship the sisterhood of Miss North Carolina carries in their hearts.

I am so fortunate to have Miss America 2019- Nia Franklin as a sister in the Miss Capital City sisterhood.

To be Miss North Carolina first of all you must be selfless, I say this because the women that represent our state work around the clock to be the absolute best version of themselves day in and day out without any sick days. Miss North Carolina you understand that you come second and the community comes first. I promise you that any and I mean ANY woman you meet that has held the title of Miss North Carolina or Miss America for that fact won’t bring it up in conversation. They are the most humble women that have the most prestigious job you could have in the pageant community. In my opinion, Miss North Carolina is the hardest working woman in the state.

McKenzie Faggart- Miss NC 2016 #79

Miss North Carolina is a woman of power, she knows her purpose, her voice and knows how to make everyone in the room feel like the most important person there. When you see her, you feel her energy and spirit that radiates pure joy. Her Smile is infectious and she is always there to greet you with the most loving and embracing hug or a warm but firm handshake.

I have been fortunate enough to have these women impact and change my life. These are REAL LIFE role models that have taught me how to be myself, never back down from a challenge and taught me to rise to every occasion. She is a woman who knows her next step, plans and concours all that she is faced with.

The best part about Miss North Carolina… she lives inside all of us. We all possess the strength, grace and energy that Miss North Carolina has shown us. We all have the heart to give to a community and greet everyone with a smile. Miss North Carolina inspires generations, instills values and shares her heart with everyone she encounters.

Alexandra Badgett- Miss North Carolina 2019 #82

I pray that one day I am able to join this elite sisterhood, but until then I and everyone else should live with the same core values as A Miss North Carolina and I am not talking about the 4 points of the crown (Scholarship, Service, Success and style). I am talking about having a heart that radiates positive energy, love and generosity into everyone we encounter. Being Miss NC is more than a crown… it is about heart, confidence, boldness and never being afraid to be yourself.

To the sisterhood of Miss North Carolina, thank you for teaching me to be myself, believe in my dreams and to always wear my heart on my sleeve.


Much Love,

Grace Madeline Dirig

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