Why workITout

During my Junior and Senior year of high school I really struggled with stress and anxiety, two things that are very common for every high school student and every college student to deal with. It’s not that we have to deal with it, but it is how we deal with it. Everyday children are faced with the fight or flight response in school. Do I fight these tears or do I shed my tears? Do I fight back these feelings of sadness and put on a happy face or do I let my emotions show?  So often we fight them because we are afraid of what people will say because we know we will be judged.

“We are the first generation that can not escape their problems at all.”

-Time Magazine

     People tell us to suck up our emotions, and that should never be the case. Instead of holding in every emotion until they become so bottled up and out of control that we break we need to workITout.

     Let me explain workITout, it is ALL about the IT, because we can put anything in place of the IT and it can be worked out.

work STRESS out


work SADNESS out

work ANGER out

work ANXIETY out

absolutely anything can be worked out as long as we try!

My story of stress, anxiety, and bits of depression still exist and I fight them constantly but knowing IT can be worked out and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel is what keeps me pushing through the rocky times. It is so easy for us to get sucked into the everyday stress of life and lose track of who we are and become down on ourselves because of the standards in our society.

workITout is my way of showing people that we don’t have to let our struggles over come us, instead we need to embrace our struggles, and conquer them. workITout is all about reducing our own IT in the most positive way possible! For me, reducing my IT comes from working out, coloring, being outside and learning my triggers. Everyone copes in a different way, I challenge you to take on this journey with me because together we can workITout and make this world a better place!

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